The goal of Lalah is to help educate our children by helping them to continue to want to learn. We want them to continue to be curious about life and how things work and why. It's our job as parents to help our children understand and learn how to learn.  It's also our job to help our children find other children who will treat them with respect and be respected back.

In my opinion the public school system does not care about educating our children. They had deadlines to meet and if our children aren't learning at that rate, they will fall behind.  Public Schools don't allow our children to freely explore life, my opinion. I was public schooled for 12yrs and feel that I didn't learn much. I'm now learning and relearning about life.

So this group has been formed to do all of this. To help our children learn how to find the answers.  I would love to have you on this journey with me and my children. :)
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