Learning, Loving and Growing at Home



Welcome to Learning, Loving and Growing at Home. I'm Karie, owner of this group, and I'm very excited to get this new group going. My girls and I would love to meet you and have many new adventures. So please come check us out. Contact info is lalahomeschool@gmail.com

We're situated in the Waukesha County area(Waukesha, New Berlin, Brookfield, Muskego and Sussex area.  Each Mon a group of us moms have been coming together with our kids, to the Waukesha library. The older kids helping the younger ones find books while the moms chat. This happens between 11-12:30 upstairs. 

If I get enough interest I will be having a lego club and a book club happen one Fri a month at the Brookfield library. It would be in the early afternoons. I'm also looking to get a guest speaker once a month on different topics.

We're also doing Park Days Tues and Thurs from June until end of Aug. Please feel free to ask me about them.

If you wish to join my group, I will need you to fill out the phone form on the contact page, with an emergency number I can reach you at, at all times.  For ex.. if we're going on a field trip, and a change of plans happens, I need to be able to contact you asap. Also, in the comment section, please send me info on the ages of your kids and if they are girls or boys or both. I won't ask for names.  Thanks so much!


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